Ujala Yojana, Benefits of Ujala Yojana

Ujala Yojana this scheme was already launched before in the name of Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP). However, it has been relaunched with a new name Ujala Yojana. Now under this name the scheme is providing more benefits than before to its customers.

Moreover, the main objective of this scheme is to switch the overall sage of the 200 million incandescent lights bulb into the LED light bulbs. Through this it will save a power of near about 10.5 billion kWh as a whole. In order to learn more about the established scheme go through the following article.

Summary of Ujala Yojana:

Programme details Known data
Name of yojana Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs For All or Ujala Yojana or Free LED Bulb Scheme
Implementing authority Energy efficiency services ltd.
Power wattage of the bulbs 9W
Launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
Last date 31st March 2019
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Ujala Yojana Key Features:

The scheme also has many features as well as it also provides different benefits to its customers. Thus, in order to avail different benefits from this scheme you are required to understand the features of this scheme. So go through these points and learn about its key features. The points are as follows:

  • Under this scheme the government is providing you free and affordable LED light bulbs to each and every person. However, this step is first as well as the strongest step taken by the central government in order to provide as well as promote the usage of the efficient light bulbs. Moreover, the main concern of this project is to preserve the environment. Thus, to benefit the citizen of India as well as to preserve the environment the central government established this scheme.
  • With the help of this scheme all the respected applicants will receive the LED light bulbs at a subsidized price. However, under this the prices of the light bulbs are going too slashed down by the 60%. Moreover, this will get reduced and the price will be 40% less than the price of the market.
  • After the announcement of the Ujala Yojana it brings the central as well as state government together in order to join hands and work. Before the implementation of this scheme another scheme was introduced but now it has been revived to the Ujala yojana. However, the scheme comprises of the both central as well as state government to work together in order to achieve the overall goal.

Benefits of the Ujala Yojana:

There are various benefits lying under this scheme. Thus, in order to use them you must first learn about these benefits. Hence, the benefits of this yojana are as follows:

  • With the help of this scheme government want to spread awareness among the people related to the benefits of the LED bulbs. However, through this there will be high increment in the number of usage of the LED bulbs across the nation. Thus, this will be not just limited only to the number of the people under the scheme but to the across nation.
  • Each and every individual person can learn benefits of using the LED lights. Also the bulbs will be available for them under the cheaper rates. So the scheme will assure that there will be the usage of the LED bubs spread across the nation. So this will not be just limited to the urban cities only.
  • However, with the help of this program one can easily control the negative effect of the incandescent bulb. This will assure us that environment is positively affected with this bulb. Thus, we can conclude that the LED bulbs improve the environment.
  • This bulb is an energy efficient bulb, so there will be less usage of the energy with the help of the LED bulbs. However, this is also an advantage for the people as this will also turn to be a conservation of the energy.

Subsidized price of the Ujala LED Bulbs:

However, as the main objective of the government is to promote as well as enhance the usage of the LED lights, so they are also available for the people at the cheaper rate in comparison to the market price. Thus, if you purchase a LED light with this scheme then you will receive it at much cheaper rate. As you can also check the present price of the LED bulb for an individual household person is around rupees 160 and with the benefit of the scheme you will receive the same bulb under rupees 85.

Thus, here you can notice this thing that the bulb of the 9W is available for you at rupees 85. Along with this also there is a warranty of the 3 year replacement if you purchase bulb from this scheme.

Ujala Yojana Application Form:

However, in order to avail all the benefits of this scheme you are required to apply under this yojana. Thus, in order to apply under the yojana first of all you are required to visit to the official website of this scheme. You can easily download it from the http://www.ujala.gov.in/ . After downloading this you are required to fill all the necessary details you have asked as well as submit this to the authorities. However, you can also easily avail all the necessary as well as additional details at the DISCOM office.

Documents Required at the Ujala Yojana:

So to gain the benefits of the Ujala Yojana scheme you are required to submit the few documents along with the time of the applying under the scheme. Given below is the list of the few documents which you are required to bring along with yourself. So go through the points in order to learn more about the scheme. The points are as follows:

  • Identity proof (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card or Passport),
  • Address proof (electricity bill or telephone bill),
  • Age proof.

Thus, these few are the following documents which you are required to bring in order to apply under the scheme.

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