Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Card Yojana

Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Card Yojana

In Rajasthan, a new card is going to be launched. This card is used in the place of Bhamashah card which is launched by previous Government. The rules and regulations are also going to be changed with the changing of the Government. According to the Gehlot Government, the previous rules or schemes are have to be changed.

The New card provided same services as the Bhamashah did. The new Government is going to launched this on their first anniversary. It is assuming that this launching is done on april 1, 2020. In this change, not only the structure is going to be changed but also there is change in schemes or services.

The main objective of this step which is taken by the Government is to prepare a data base of the residents of the State and to provide “one number, one card, one identity” to each family of the State. This card contains specific 10 digit number.

This card is assured by the name of the lady of the house. In this card, every member of the house is included. With this card, the benefit of the free medicines, free medical treatment, ratio material, pension, etc can be taken. The women who is 18 years or above of the house is considers as the head of this scheme. It is considered as beneficial for the local or common people. This schemes aims at make the people of the State disease free.

Benefits of Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Card Yojana

  • Previously had to make a living certificate every year, now it will not be made.
  • Jan Aadhaar card will become an identity of a family i.e. a card, a number, an identity.
  • This card will give also benefit from e-commerce and insurance facilities.
  • All cash benefits or transferred benefits will also be easily available.
  • Now the ration card will be closed, only Jan Aadhaar card will be used for rationing.
  • The names of each family members will be auto-added, i.e. there will be no need to add or add names again and again.
  • With the Jan Aadhaar card scheme, all the government schemes in Rajasthan will be easily available.

How to get a Jan Aadhar Card

  • A 10-digit registration number will be sent to that family by SMS or phone.
  • The family whose Bhamashah card is not made, will have to get a new card Jan Aadhaar card.
  • Jan Aadhaar you can download from e-Mitra or SSO ID without any token.
  • Jan Aadhaar card will be sent to your home as if Bhamashah card was sent to you by Municipal Council, Gram Panchayat, Sarpanch or Councilor.
  • You can also download the Jan Aadhaar card yourself.

Highlights of Jan Aadhar Card Yojana

  • All the family members will be added to the Jan Aadhaar card.
  • You will be given a 1 0-digit registration number in the Jan Aadhaar card.
  • The Jan Aadhaar card may be launched on the first anniversary of the current government.
  • Jan Aadhaar card will be made in the name of the woman of the family, in which, like the Bhamashah card, the woman will be made the head.
  • If there is no woman in the family, then the Jan Aadhaar card can also be made in the name of the male, as it used to be in the Bhamashah card.

Main purpose of Jan Aadhar Card Yojana

  • Payable through Direct Benefit Transfer and after non-cash benefit Aadhaar / Jan Aadhaar authentication.
  • Providing benefits of welfare schemes to the residents of the state near their home and expanding e-commerce and insurance facilities in rural areas
  • Determining eligibility of family / family members for schemes of public welfare benefits provided by the government.
  • At the time of availing benefits of various schemes, authentication should be recognized as the certificate of survivorship of the beneficiary
  • Control and effective operation of E-mitral system by exchange.
  • Expansion and strengthening of existing technical and electronic infrastructure in the state.
  • Promoting women empowerment and financial inclusion.
  • Preparing a data base of the demographic and socio-economic information of the resident families of the state and providing “one number, one card, one identity” to each family, which is called the Proof of Identity and addresses ( proof of address) is to provide recognition as a document

The registration for this card can be done on the “E-mitral” or “Jan Aadhaar Portal” for the free of cost. From 1 January the registration is done online. From March 31, 2020 the Bhamashah card are not considerable.