PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019, Benefits of PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019, Application for PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana or Ayushman Bharat Yojana or National Health Protection Scheme, this scheme is a centrally sponsored scheme introduced as well as implemented in 2018. The main objective behind announcing was the health of the people of the states. Nowadays there are various numbers of people who are suffering from various health related issues. Thus, in order to provide medical facilities government announces this scheme. As there are various poor as well as needy people who cannot have all the medical facilities as well as treatment. So to provide them adequate facilities this scheme will prove very beneficial for them. Well about 26 states as well as union territories have accepted the implementation of this scheme. Only four states are there who didn’t accept its implementation such as Odisha, Delhi, West Bengal and Telangana. More than 1 lakhs people have received benefit under this scheme till 2018 October. So there are very large numbers of people who are availing benefits under this scheme. Well to get more benefits of this scheme first you need to learn about the eligibility as well as features of this scheme. Through this you can actively participate under this scheme. Well let’s learn more its features as well as benefits.

Features of PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019:

This scheme consist many beneficial features for the farmers as well as for their families. By knowing the features of this scheme they can take the whole advantage of this scheme. However, this scheme consist two most important elements. Go though the points I order to learn more about that. The key elements are as follows:

1. National Health Protection Scheme: Well under this scheme government is targeting to cover near about 10 crore poor as well as needy families. However, this scheme offers various benefits which are portable across the country. The entire respected beneficiaries can are allowed for the cashless benefits from any of the public as well as private hospitals. Well this scheme will be an entitled based scheme which is being decided on the basis of the deprivation criteria in the SECC database. Under this it will nearly target about 10.74 crore poor as well as deprived families. Also along with this it can identify occupational category for the urban families on the basis of the latest socio economic caste census (SECC) data both rural as well as urban. It is also covering almost every secondary as well as tertiary hospital.

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Benefits of PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019:

There are various benefits hidden under the scheme. As it is the best scheme which usually covers 5 lakhs families. Government implemented this project so these families can avail certain benefits for themselves as well. In order to learn more go through the points. The points are as follows:

  • Ayushman Bharat PMJAY is a defined benefit scheme, which covers usually 5 lakhs per families per year. Under this scheme they undertake to cover each and almost secondary as well as tertiary care procedures.
  • This scheme also ensures that each and every single member of the family get covered under the scheme thus there is no limit on family, size and age under the scheme.
  • However, all these benefits also cover pre as well as post hospitalization expenses. Thus, all the pre-existing conditions will be covered under the scheme from the day one.
  • The various benefits which the eligible candidates are getting through this scheme they are portable all across the country. The beneficiary would be allowed for the cashless benefits from the private as well as public schools across the country.
  • All the beneficiaries can advantage in the both public as well as empanelled private. However, under this scheme all the public hospitals implementing AB-PMJAY will be deemed empanelled for this scheme. As well as along with this hospitals belonging to the Employee State Corporation (ESIC). The private hospitals will be empanelled on the basis of the online defined criteria.
  • All the funds for the treatment as well as in order to control the total cost the work will be accomplishes on the basis of the package basis. However, this package rate will include all the rates associated with the treatment. Under the scheme for the eligible candidate sit will be cashless as well as paperless transaction. The government has the flexibility to modify these rates.

Eligibility criteria for PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019:

In order to apply under this scheme first of all you are required to check whether you are eligible under this scheme or not. Thus, go through these points in order to check your eligibility criteria. The points are as follows:

  • In this scheme different categories of the rural as well as urban areas are included. It is an entitlement based scheme and it is decided on the basis of the deprivation of SECC database.
  • The families who are having only one room as well as kucha roofs and walls are included under the scheme. But the families must not have any adult members between age group of 16 to 59. As well as there must be a female head of the family and no male member age group between 16 to 59.
  • If there is a disable adult male member in a family or they are under the category of the SC/ST Households.
  • All the landless households who are deriving a major part of their income from the casual labour.
  • All the families under the rural households who are having any one of these following are eligible for this scheme. Such as they are living without shelter, destitute, living on alms, manual scavenger families, and primitive tribal groups.
  • However, for the people living in the urban areas there are 11 categories has been entitled. Occupational categories of workers, rag picker, beggar, domestic worker,  street vendor, hawker, construction worker, plumber, mason, security guard, transport worker coolie, another headed worker,  sweeper, artisan, tailor, driver, conductor, cart puller, shop worker, assistant, peon, helper, delivery assistance, waiter, electrician, mechanic, assembler, repair worker.

On the basis of the SECC 2011 these are the following beneficiaries who are automatically excluded from the scheme. These are as follows:

  • If a household is having 2/3/4 wheeler or a fishing boat then he is not considered eligible for the scheme.
  • Households who have machine agriculture equipment.
  • Households who have Kisan credit cars and credit limit up to rupees 50,000.
  • If a member of a family is government employee.
  • Any member in a family earning more than 10,000 rupees.
  • Family members who are paying income as well as professional tax.
  • House made up to three or more walls a pucca house.
  • Family who owns refrigerator, landline phone.
  • Household owing 2.5 acres of irrigated land along with 1 irrigation equipment.
  • All the household who have 5 acres or more irrigated lands as well as 7.5 acres land and at least one irrigation equipment.

2. Wellness Center: Under this scheme government has been allocated rupees 1200 crore for the 1.5 lakhs health as well as awareness center’s. In these health center’s various benefits are provided to the people. It provides comprehensive health care which includes non communicable diseases and maternal and health services. However, government is also planning to upgrade the existing wellness and health care centers. This public welfare scheme is being implemented from the August 2018. Here is also a detailed list of services being provided at the health and wellness centers. These are as follows:

  • Maternal health services,
  • Infant health services,
  • Child health,
  • Eye care,
  • Communicable diseases,
  • Non-communicable diseases,
  • Mental illness management,
  • Dental care,
  • Geriatric care as well as emergency medicine.

Implementation of the Strategy and Major Impact:

At the national level in order to manage the poor health conditions of the poor as well as needy people, this scheme was implemented. However, states are being advised in order to implement this scheme by a dedicated entity which is also known as State Health Agency (SHA). Thus, this is helping large number of the poor people in order to fight with various diseases and to overcome them. This is the most beneficial health scheme being implemented by the government.

Well during the last 10 years total hospitalization expenditure has been increased by 300%. There are various people who meet 80% of the expenditure out of their pocket. Most of the rural households are primarily depended upon their savings which are nearly around 68% as well borrowing which are around 25%. However, on the other hand most of the urban households are dependent upon their savings which are around 75% as well as on borrowing which are around 18%. On the basis of the survey we can conclude that out of pocket expenses in India are nearly 60% due to which near about 6 million families are getting into poverty. Thus, this scheme is helping poor as well as needy people of the rural as well as urban areas so they can control the out of pocket expenditures as well as helps in maintain the condition of the people. There are certain benefits also we received through this scheme. They are as follows:

  • The scheme covers near about 40% of the people and has benefited them.
  • It also covers secondary as well as tertiary hospitals.
  • Coverage for the 5 lakhs each families.
  • This will lead to increase in quality, health and medicine. There will be timely treatments, improvement in the health of the people, improvement in productivity as well as efficiency etc.

Expenditure Involved under PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019:

The overall expenditure which will incur in the time of the premium payment will be share between central as well as state government. This will be shared in a specified ratio decided by t he ministry of finance guidelines in vogue. However, the total expenditure is dependent upon the actual market premium paid by the states.  In the state wherever the scheme will be implemented all the funds which will be provided will be based upon the actual expenditure as well as premium ceiling. This will be distributed in the pre determined ratio.

Number of Beneficiaries of PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019:

On the basis of the latest Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) it is estimated that PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019 is targeting near about 10.74 crore urban, rural, poor as well as deprived households. The census is covering data for the both rural as well as urban areas. This scheme is designed in such a manner that its applicants can easily gain various benefits through this. It would change the exclusion, inclusion as well as deprivation and occupational criteria in the SECC data.

How to Check Name under PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019?

You can easily weather you are eligible for the scheme for the following scheme. However, you can easily get registered under this scheme with the help of the online filling registration method or by visiting to any CSC center. Well in order to check your name in the beneficiary list you are required to follow these following methods. The methods are as follows:

Common Service Center (CSC)- Beneficiaries can easily check whether they are eligible or not just by visiting any nearby common service center. However, apart from this the respected beneficiaries can easily gather all the necessary details as well as information from the impaneled hospitals.

Helpline Number- another method in order to learn about the beneficiary list is you can use the helpline number. The government has provided this helpline number in order to help those beneficiaries. So they can easily call as well as contact to the customer care center for help. The helpline numbers are: 14555 and 1800111565.

Online Method- At last but very popular as well as most commonly used method is the online method. For this the respected beneficiaries are required to visit to the official website of the NHA (national health authority) for the PMJAY Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2019.

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