Odisha Utthan Scheme 2019, Objectives of Odisha Utthan Scheme 2019

The government of Odisha has introduced various programmers as well as schemes in order to benefit the people of the Odisha. However, the government of Odisha has introduces various different programmers as well related to the students education. However, it’s one of the primary education authority program has rolled out because of the two innovative learning enhancement program.

These programs are for the government school students across the state whereas the Ujjwal program was set up for the students of classes 1 to 5 and the Utthan program was set up for the students of classes 6 to 8. Through this scheme government main objective is to benefit near about 40 lakhs students across the state. These programs have the potential to put a great impact on state wide learning outcomes. Well here in this article we will learn more about this scheme. So go through the article to learn more about this scheme.

Odisha Utthan Scheme 2019:

Government is trying to implement Ujjwal as well as Utthan schemes in all the government run elementary schools soon. This scheme implementation is also known as Learning Enhancement Program. However, the Ujjwal program is being designed for the primary classes whereas the Utthan is for the upper primary classes. The objective of government behind introducing this project is to ensure that every student have acquired grade appropriate competence before they proceed to advanced topic of the syllabus.

There will be only one period available for the program during the academic year. All the teachers of these elementary schools are trained in such a manner so the objective of the scheme can be achieved. However, apart from this district, block as well as cluster level of officers has been trained in order to monitor the school online process as well as to support the teachers in the classroom activities.  

Well the district education officer as well as the block education officer has been directed in order to ensure all the schools to participate and take imitative steps in order to organize parent teacher meet on June 28. In this meeting parents will be informed about the benefit of the LEP.

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Thus, state is planning to announce a school certification program as well as promote the schools in order to make several progress under the implementation of this LEP. This will help the students in the process of their learning skills. It can be proved that through this process there will be improvement in the quality of education provided to the students.

Brief Summary of the Scheme:

Government has various objectives behind announcing a scheme. However, the aim under this scheme is to help the students of the elementary level in order to improve their education. So government announces to implement the two effective schemes which are termed as Ujjwal and Utthan. These schemes will help in order to boost educational learning system in the state.

Name Ujjwal and Utthan scheme
Implemented by Odisha state primary education authority
Target Scheme will introduce under the elementary levels of state schools after summer vacations.
Phase 1 18th June 2018- 31st July 2018
Phase 2 1st August 2018

Key features of Odisha Utthan Scheme 2019:

There are various key features as well as benefits are there under this scheme in order to take benefit of those schemes you are required to contain knowledge about them also. Thus, go through these points in order to understand the whole detail about this scheme. The points are as follows:

  • The scheme is implemented in order to boost the educational system in the states. However, the government has rolled out Utthan scheme as it is implemented for the students of classes 6th to 8th. However, this scheme will help in order to improve as well as enhance the level of education among the students. This will help in improving their performance also.
  • The scheme targets near about 40 lakhs students in order to provide them certain benefits under this scheme. With the help of this scheme there will be improvement in the learning efficiency of the students.
  • The state educational department has been focusing on development on the process of implementation of this scheme. So they can make this scheme implementation more effective.
  • In the month of April 2018 the government has offered a training session for the teachers of the schools. Under this training program over all 1.41 lakhs teachers had participated.
  • Under the training program teachers are also provide books as well as workbooks for making notes. However, this training session is organized in accordance with the training and research experts. These are from the educational council of the state.
  • These experts also submit the reports of the training session as well as also submit the scheme implementation report to the education council and the state departments.
  • The main of this scheme is to boost learning skills of the students thus, governments wants an appropriate outcome under this scheme from the each and every children of the schools. This will also be beneficial in order to improve their high grade level.
  • However, here also a new program has been assisted by the mass education department of the state. It is the part of the vocational education for the technical and support. This department also provides proper project management under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan for the both higher as well as secondary levels.

Implementation Process of the Odisha Utthan Scheme 2019 Phases:

On the basis of the statement of the government there will be two schemes which will be implemented state wide in the two processes. Under the scheme government tried to promote the world class education to the students of the state. Government also tried to facilitate them along with the different sources. The details of the phases are as follows:

  • Phase one- This phase was implemented between 18th June till 31st July 2018. Under this the classes of the remediation was organized along with the irregular class syllabus. Thus, there will be no regular syllabus taught to the students there this time.
  • Phase two- This phase will be organized starting from the 1st August 2018. Under this phase remediation classes was organized by the school teachers. They organize this for the single period on the daily basis. At the secondary level classes for the three hours will also be organized for the remediation classes daily.

Thus, it is expected that the scheme will significantly improve the leaning outcomes of the students especially to those students who are behind of their grade levels.

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