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Education is a right of each and every individual. Thus, every student every child must get educated. Right to get education is the basic constitution right. After this also there are various students who did not receive proper education. For this government has introduced various schemes, institutions, projects, and many more. Here in this article we will learn about the Odisha Utkarsh scheme. This scheme is launched for the students so that they may receive proper education.

What is Odisha Utkarsh Scheme?

The project of the Odisha Utkarsh scheme 2019 has been initiated by the Moinee foundation. However, the Moinee foundation is an educational trust which has been established in the year 2012. The main aim of this educational foundation is to provide education to each and every student. Thus, basically this scheme is a project under which it teaches about the technology to the government school students.

However, first of all this scheme was introduced in 2013 along with collaborating with the collectors of the districts as well as education department and the local CSR partners. As they all have activated the computers labs in the government school for the students.

In its beginning firstly it was introduced in the Udaipur district. There it covers near about total 12+ schools. Later this initiative started getting success as it starting covering schools around 1700+ schools. The scheme was succeeded as it has a unique kind of approach. Later onwards this project converts into the government school computer labs. It is consist of the smart classes and has a huge platform due to which it attracts various numbers of students. On the basis of the current report near about this scheme has attracted students around 5 lakhs of classes 8th,9th, and 10th. Students are getting huge benefits from these schemes.

Key Objectives of the Odisha Utkarsh Scheme:

The main aim behind to launch this scheme is to provide proper quality education to all the students. So they can set their objectives of their life and achieve the goals of the life. However, apart from this there are certain objectives as well of this scheme. These objectives are as follows:

  • This app is a study material app. Students can easily learn on their own with the help of this app. This is a unique app which provides study material to the students so that they can learn on their own. It is the very helpful app for the students.
  • It is a very creative way. As this app makes the studying fun and innovative. Students find it interesting. When they study through this they found studies fun and interesting. Along with this it also provides various tools to the teachers so they can make studies interesting for the students. This also provides students online assignments. All of the students find doing this project and assessments very interesting. As today students are attracted towards the technologies thus, studying through technology finds attracting for them.
  • In this project we are not only looking at the students but also we are monitoring the teachers. As well as looking that they are doing their work with all the patience and seriousness. They keep on monitoring the students as well as teachers. So that they both can be serious related to the scheme. As well as can take the advantages of the scheme, which have been introduced for their welfare only.
  • In today time we can clearly see that there is huge competition in every field as well as in every sector. Not only in education but in other skilled sectors also nowadays there is a huge competition. Each and every student is taking this competition very seriously because to achieve anything it is essential for them as well to get cleared in that competition.
  • Thus, by keeping this above mentioned thing in mind this project is made so that it may provide the qualitative data so it will be helpful in creating the qualitative performance as well for the teachers and for the students. This will motive the teachers as well as students. And help them in giving the benchmark performance.
  • This is the most innovative program which provides the knowledge to the students to share and ask any quiz, questions as well as doubts related to any subject and the matter. They can learn ask the quiz and prepares themselves in the best manner.
  • This technology also has the ability to record. This will keep on recording all the number of the activities performed by the students, all the solved quiz, time taken details. It will contain the detailed information of the each activity. Apart from this it will also provide you the feedback of the quiz played and time taken.
  • It is the best online learning site as well as platform for the quiz based learning system.  However, due to this project the usage of the computers as well as tablets. Well this also helps them in learning in the most effective and efficient way. One must be encouraged towards this and must learn in this way.

Moinee system is the key sponsor of this. They are providing this best technology through which students can learn in the best qualitative manner. This is the best consulting firm which has all their focus on the education and on the energy efficiency domain.

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