Odisha Nidan Scheme, Application Process for Odisha Nidan Scheme 2019

There are various schemes which are implemented by the government of the Odisha in order to provide them basic health facilities. So there was one more scheme implemented which is named as Odisha Nidan Scheme. This scheme will provide high facilities for the health care to all the peoples of the Odisha. All the citizen of Odisha will be provided free diagnostic services from the government under this scheme. All the poor as well as needy people who generally belong to the economically weaker section of the society will be provided several benefits under this scheme. The scheme is already implemented so the eligible candidates can easily avail its benefits.

Under the scheme the government of the Odisha will provide basic health facilities such as the facilities of the high end of the pathology tests, digital X-Ray, CT scan and MRI. All these will be done absolutely free of cost. However, all these services will be provided under government health facilities of the PPP mode. Well the main objective behind the implementation of this scheme is to provide basic health services to the citizen of the Odisha in order to improve their lifestyle.

However, apart from this scheme government of Odisha also introduces other different health care schemes such as Sahaya scheme, AMA clinic and Anmol yojana. The government of Odisha nearly set a budget of rupees 600 crore for the implementation of all these schemes. However, in this article we will learn and discuss about Nidan yojana of the Odisha government. So go through the article in order to learn more this scheme. Also read out its features as well as benefits. Thus, each and every individual person can easily avail its benefits.

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The scheme was announced as well as implemented by the Chief Minister of the Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik. He has taken various different steps in order to strengthen the health services of the state. So the people of the Odisha can lead a better lifestyle in the future ahead. However, with the help of this scheme poor and needy people of the Odisha state will be able to get the free health care services. It is because of the money that many people are dying daily. But under this scheme they will be provided free treatment for the diagnostic. They don’t need to pay any amount for the longer.

Name of scheme Diagnostic plan- free diagnostic service scheme Odisha
Was announced November 2017
Official start January 2018
Was announced by State Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad
Target beneficiary Poor and needy people of EWS category

Features of the Odisha Nidan Scheme:

There are various features as well as benefits are there under this scheme for the people of the Odisha. In order to avail those benefits as well as to get registered under this project you need to learn about its benefits. Thus, go through these points in order to learn about the features of this scheme. The points are as follows:

  • With the help of this the government of the Odisha is trying to provide the free Diagnostic services in each and every public health facilities throughout the state of the Odisha.
  • The government of the Odisha is also focusing on the reduction of the infant mortality rate as well as the maternal mortality rate under the state of the Odisha.
  • Apart from these the government of Odisha is also working on the process in order to provide the facility of the free diagnostic services
  • However, the state government of Odisha also provides the facility of the Pathology tests, digital X-Ray, CT scan as well as MRI under PPP mode.
  • This scheme is being introduced for the people of the Odisha. Thus, only the citizen of the Odisha can avail for its benefits.
  • However, government is also going through various strategies for the successful implementation of this scheme.
  • Government has provided enough budgets for this project.
  • However, on the basis of the information it is being said that the government of the Odisha has provided rupees 600 crore for the successful implementation of this Yojana throughout the state.
  • Well the government is also determining to provide the benefit of this project to the citizen of the Odisha for the next five years as well.
  • Various other Yojana are also implemented by the government. All these were introduced for the one basic objective that is to provide health facilities to the poor and needy people of the Odisha. All these health care services are just free of cost. Therefore, each and every person of the Odisha will receive the good health care services from the government at free of cost.
  • However, as this scheme is providing assistance to the poor as well as needy people of the economically weaker section of the state, the government as well as the National Health Mission (NHM) will provided whatever recruitment of the funds that will be spent on the patient under this diagnostic function.

Application Process and Eligibility for Odisha Nidan Scheme:

The scheme is only eligible for the poor as well as needy people of the state who fall under the economically weaker section of the society. Thus, the patient is required to visit to the government hospital as well as contact him. Thus, after this the respected hospital will inform you for the further action. In order to prove your eligibility the respected applicant is required to show the aadhaar card as well as poverty line card in the hospital. Under this scheme there is no limit on the age. Any person if he is eligible can avail for the benefits of this scheme.

No Diagnostic Services Fees collected by health care facility
1. CT Scan Rs. 800 to Rs. 1400
2. X-Ray Rs.50 to Rs. 100
3. Ultrasound scan Rs. 300 to Rs. 700

If you do a comparison of this price along with the price of the hospitals this price is 3 times less than the price being offered by the private hospitals. However, the private hospitals take money in the treatment of these services on their own free will. All these prices have been decided by the government of the government hospital. The government provides the funds to the hospitals on the basis of this. However, if any private hospital is willing to work under this scheme then it must get registered its name under the Empanelled hospital list as well as run the hospital on the terms and conditions of the government.

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