Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana, Key Highlights of Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana 2019

In order to benefit the farmers as well as to improve their lifestyle central government has announced a scheme under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India depends upon the agriculture as most of its population is under the process of the agricultural activities. Thus, it is very essential to implement perfect schemes as well as announced unique programs which help in developing the farmers as well as the agriculture sector. However, the government always encourages the farmers by implementing different schemes in order to benefit them as well as to provide them a good lifestyle. Government also launches to new project in order to benefit the farmers. Here in this article we will discuss about only one project named Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana. Thus, in order to learn more about this project you need to go through the following article.

Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana:

However, this scheme is being implemented by the Odisha agriculture and farmers empowerment minister who is aimed at rewarding those farmers who have developed as well as used innovative agricultural equipment’s which elevated towards the process of establishing the agro-industries which results in providing the subsidies. However, under this scheme the government rewards 101 farmers along with the inclusion of the 11 farmers which generally belongs to the state level as well as near about 90 farmers at the district level. Every year farmers are rewarded with cash for their innovative tools which they generally used for the farming.

Well the total number of the 11 farmers was rewarded with state level at Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana on Sunday. Thus, the farmers were rewarded for their innovative skills for the agricultural purposes. On the basis of the data 90 farmers who have developed many innovative farming tools as well as got selected from the 30 districts of the Odisha. However, the top 11 farmers were awarded along with the cash prize of rupees 2 lakhs for the first position, second position get rewarded with rupees 1.5 lakhs and third position was get rewarded with rupees 1 lakhs. Well in the last five months more than 2000 farmers have been submitted their names under this schemes.

Name Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana
Supervision of Agricultural and Framers Empowerment Minister of Odisha
Announced on May 2018
Launched by Pradip Maharathv
Website Details will be uploaded on state government website.
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Key Features of Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana:

There are various key features are there of this scheme. In order to gain the benefit of the schemes it is also essential for you to learn about its various key features. So while applying under the scheme you can easily avail all benefits of the scheme. Thus, go through the points and learn about its key features. The points are as follows:

  • Agricultural and Farmer Development: The project is being implemented in order to develop the agricultural sector as well as the agricultural labors. So they may get a better future ahead.
  • Financial Rewards: Under this scheme (Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana) the officials select the several farmers as well as reward them at the district and state level. These rewards were provided to them because of their participation in the innovation in the farming process.
  • Total Number of Beneficiaries: The cash reward will be offered to the 101 agricultural workers. As the state select 90 farmers from each and every district as well as 11 top farmers will also get selected for their contribution as well as innovation.
  • Rewards: However, under this scheme the top three farmers will be rewarded for their innovative farming method. They will be provided financial assistance of rupees 2 lakhs, 105 lakhs and 1 lakhs respectively on the basis of their position.
  • District and state level awards: There are various farmers in the villages who are inventing innovative farm tools as well as utilize in the fields. On the basis of the talent of the farmers they are selected at the districts as well as state levels. There they will be provided financial assistance. However, the main focus of the government is on implementation of the innovative farming methods for the process of agriculture.

Benefits of Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana:

All those farmers who have innovated as well as implemented tools are honored and have set up their manufacturing unit as well as company. However, this scheme also confirms that all the companies are registered along with the startup Odisha initiative. This system also enables the farmers with the monthly allowance as well as product development allowance. The government’s primary aim is to help the innovative farmers as well as to provide them some financial assistance. This will help the farmer in many ways as well as enhance their way of living.

All the respected farmers who are registered under the startup Odisha scheme will be provided financial assistance of rupees 20,000 per month. Well in the future ahead if the farmer improves his innovative tools as well as implements that then the government will provide them financial assistance up to 15 lakhs.

Allocated Rewards for Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana:

The rewards have been categorized into district as well as state level. Under the state level farmer who have achieved first position will be rewarded with rupees 2 lakhs, second position with 1.5 lakhs and third position with rupees 1 lakhs. However, in the district level around 90 farmers would be awarded a cash prize of rupees 15000 each for their innovative work.

Application Process for Odisha Mukhyamantri Abhinav Krishi Yantrapati Samman Yojana:

In order to apply under this scheme, you need to go through this application procedure method. The methods for applying under this scheme are as follows:

  • First of all you are required to visit to your nearest center.
  • After that the respected applicant need to obtain the application form but providing the required fee in order to get registered under the scheme.
  • Enter all your correct detail in the application form.
  • Now as you have entered all the details in the application form now are required to submit the application form to the concerned officials.

Thus, the prime focus of this scheme is to help and support the farming innovators in the form of financial assistance.

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