Odisha Mahapranay Yojana, Objective of Odisha Mahapranay Yojana 2019

We are humans we take birth and eventually one day we died. It is the cycle of the life which continues to go on. People get emotionally breakdown due to losing their close ones. At that time all they wish is for support. The government of the Odisha introduced a scheme for the people who are dead. What this scheme is? What are the criteria of this scheme? In order to know this you are required to go through the following article so you may learn about this innovative scheme introduced by the government of the Odisha. The scheme was known as Odisha Mahapranay Yojana. Now go through the entire article in order o learn more about it.

What is Odisha Mahapranay Yojana?

 However, the government of the Odisha has introduced many schemes in order to benefit people. Thus, government also introduced a scheme for the dead people. Under this scheme the dead body of the person will be carried to the funeral place. This process will be accomplished at the free of cost. This scheme was introduced by the chief minister of Odisha so the dead body of the people will be carried to the deceased place.

However, this scheme was announced at the month of February then to it was not implemented until this incident took place. This incident was covered by the media and only after this incident government decided to implement the plan.

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The incident took place at Bhawani, Patna district. In the district headquarter hospital there was one lady who was suffering from the tuberculosis however, eventually she dead. The authorities of the hospitals deny arranging the ambulance in order to carry her dead body. Thus, her husband carried her body on his shoulders and walk for 10 km away from the hospital at his home. This incident was shown by the media and after this incident this scheme was implemented. Thus, with the help of this scheme government is providing vehicle in order to carry the dead bodies from the hospitals to the deceased place at free of cost. This scheme is implemented in the whole Odisha. However, it is being monitored by the general administration as well as health and family welfare department. Then the department requested the collectors in order to collect the dead body carriers. Well under this scheme it was said that 40 carriers vehicles are to be allocated to the 30 district headquarter hospitals. Thus, the main objective of the scheme is to provide carrier to the dead bodies.

However, there are various people of the weaker sections of the society who stills can’t afford treatment as well as carriers. Thus, due to them government decided to provide this service at free of cost. So they don’t have to depend on anybody. On the basis of the economic survey there was an annual death rate of 8.4% by every 1000 people every year. However, most of the officers related to the health department argue related to provide the at least 1600 more vehicles at the health centers in order to meet their demand. Moreover, Odisha is a state under which there is a doctor for every 1700 patients against every WHO norm for 1000 issues related to the infrastructure takes place.

There was a time under this scheme when the opposition takes a stand against this scheme. They protested that it was not the idea of the chief minister but it was copied from the Harish Chandra yojana. This scheme was also not so successful so this scheme will also get fail. There were majority of the people who thinks that this scheme is very helpful.

Thus, to provide relief of carrying the dead bodies of their loved ones this scheme was introduced.

Objective of the Odisha Mahapranay Yojana:

Behind the launch of the any scheme there are certain objectives as well. These objectives are the main reason behind the implementation of any scheme. In order to learn about the implementation of the scheme you must also know about the objective of its implementation. Thus, there are few points given below which describes the objective of its implementation. In order to learn properly about the schemes go through these points. The points are as follows:

  • Under this scheme the government of the Odisha is planning to provide vehicles to the hospitals in order to carry the dead bodies of the people. Thus, the hospitals will carry the bodies of the people and carried to the place of deceased. After a crucial incident this moment took place. In order to provide them some relief to the family of a dead people government implemented this scheme. There were large number of the people in the Odisha state who were in support of this scheme as well as they were very happy due to its implementation.
  • This scheme was applicable for the whole state of the Odisha as this was implemented in the Odisha. However, it was said that this scheme will be monitored by the General Administration (GA) and health as well as family welfare department. Thus, it was the official duty as well as responsibility of that department to look weather the scheme is properly executed or not. They are liable to provide the further report.

However, the government has requested the district collectors in order to collect the all the dead body carriers. Also they asked them in order to brand it as CMRF and make it always available for the each needy people who are included under this scheme. On the basis of the scheme around 40 carriers vehicle are to be allocated for the 30 district headquarter.

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