Odisha Khushi Scheme, Objective of Government Behind Odisha Khushi Scheme 2019

The government of the Odisha is introducing many schemes in order to provide basic facilities to the citizen of the Odisha. However, from the various schemes introduced by the government of the Odisha there was also a one most popular scheme named Khushi scheme. The scheme was introduced for the basic health related issues of the girls. The Khushi scheme of Odisha is aimed to provide good menstrual hygiene care to all the women across the state. However, the main motive of the scheme is to provide health as well as hygiene to the schools adolescent girls, who all are leading to get the higher retention in school and greater empowerment of women. Thus, under this  scheme government is going to provide free sanitary napkins to the 17 lakhs girls who all are studying in the schools between classes 6 to 12th.  The girls must be of the government as well as government aided school.

However, the implementation of the scheme is done on the behalf of the health and family welfare department of the state of Odisha. The total of the budget under this is nearly about rupees 70 crore per year. The scheme is being implemented because of the basis of the data survey report in Odisha there are near about 53% women are using unhygienic methods whereas around 69 percent of the women’s are using cloth during the period of menstruation. These methods can cause serious health issues to the women. So in order to prevent those issues the government of the Odisha has announced a scheme named as Khushi Yojana. Under this yojana the government of Odisha is providing sanitary napkins to the women of the rural areas at the subsidized rates of rupees 6 for the 6 napkins. The government is accomplishing this work with the help of the ASHA workers. Well in order to learn more about the scheme go through the following article. Also read out about the features as well as benefits of the scheme. Each and every woman is applicable under the scheme of the rural area. The reason behind the implementation of the scheme is also to empower the woman of the Odisha.

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Features of Odisha Khushi Scheme:

There are various features under the scheme. The objective behind the implementation of the scheme was to empower the women of the Odisha as well as to keep them safe from the various health issues occurred at the time of the menstruation. In order to learn about the features of the scheme Khushi, go through the followings points. So each and every woman can easily avail to get the benefits of this scheme. The points are as follows:

  • Under this Khushi scheme the government of the Odisha is planning to provide the free sanitary napkins to all the school going girls across the state.
  • This scheme is being implemented by the health and family welfare department of the state, which usually covers a cost of rupees 70 crore per year.
  • However, with the help of this scheme the health department of the Odisha government is planning to provide the free sanitary napkins to approx 1.7 million girl students from the class 6th to 12th. All the girls studying in the government and government aided schools will receive the benefits of this project. Well there is one more aim of the scheme which is to promote the hygiene factor among the girls of the school so they can attend their regular classes during the period of the menstruation also.
  • The scheme is being approved by the cabinet minister of the Odisha on the Day of Friday to provide free napkins to the girls of the schools across the state.
  • However, the government of the Odisha has also decided to spend near about rupees 466.08 crore in the duration of the 5 years under this scheme. So the menstrual cycle hygiene can be improved among the adolescent girls as well. They may also learn about the hygiene factor.
  • The government has targeted near about 17.25 lakhs girls of the Odisha to cover under the scheme also to provide them free napkins. The girls studying in the Kendriya vidhalayas as well as Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidhalayas which are being located under the state will receive the benefits of this scheme.
  • Each and every girl of the state will be provided 18 numbers of the belt-less sanitary napkins on the basis of per month.
  • Well the scheme came into action by the health and family welfare department of the state. However, the cabinet minister of the state also approved for the piped water supply under the projects in the Baudh district under Basudha scheme. Under this a total number of the 2.92 lakhs of people of the two blocks of the district will be provided drinking water by spending rupees 427.59 crore. Well the government is also spending the rupees 555.42 crore for the people of the rural area in order to provide them piped water. This will nearly benefit around 3.17 lakhs people in the four blocks of the Nabarangpur district.
  • Apart from all these the cabinet also approved for the scholarship scheme for the beneficiaries children of the Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme.
  • All the students who are either studying as well as aspiring for the technical as well as professional education will receive certain benefit under this project.

Government keeps on introducing several schemes in order to provide the several benefits to the citizen of the Odisha. This health related schemes were implemented so the citizen of Odisha may not have to deal with health issues. Government mentions that Khushi scheme to be implemented in the February. Each and every girl of the rural area will receive certain benefit from the scheme. However, government is providing napkins at the subsidized rates.

Also the cabinet of the KALIA scholarship provides scholarship to the children of all the beneficiary farmers. This will be provided in order to impart the skill development training as well as to provide the professional education to all the government run institutions. Thus, all these schemes help the people in various ways. 

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