Odisha Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana 2019, Districts Covered Under Odisha Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana

The chief minister of Odisha has announced a new initiative for the people of the Odisha. This new initiative is known as the Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana. The scheme was introduced in order to provide the additional development assistance to all the targeted 11 districts. These are those 11 districts of the state which were not covered under the backward regions grant fund (BRGF). The basic main objective of the government was to develop the state as well as to provide all the basic amenities to them.

However, in 2012-13 because of the inclusion of the bargarh district under the BRGF scheme, these 11 numbers of districts get reduced to 10. Government want to change the quality of the rural life as well want to improve their standard of living. Thus, with the help of this scheme there was a tremendous change in the rural connectivity as well as in their quality of the living standard. However, apart from this change many of the rural roads under the targeted districts were covered.

However, for the further strength as well as rural connectivity development for the both intra village as well as for the inter village, during 12th period on the targeted districts importance of the water supply as well as the electrification comprehensive guidelines were issued. Thus, to develop more and more connectivity among the rural people as well as to develop their lifestyle. This scheme was introduced. Here further we will understand about the key features as well as merits of this scheme. Thus, go through the article to learn more and more about this scheme.

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Districts Covered Under Odisha Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana:

In order to improve the rural connectivity as well to improve the quality of life of the rural areas, there 11 districts are covered under this scheme. The districts are as follows:

  1. Angul,
  2. Balasore,
  3. Bargarh,
  4. Bhadrak,
  5. Cuttack,
  6. Jajpur,
  7. Jagatsinghpur,
  8. Kendrapara,
  9. Khurda,
  10. Nayagarh, and
  11. Puri.

Objectives of the Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana:

When the government implements a scheme there are certain objectives are hidden under this. Due to these objectives tries to develop the living standard of the people as well as develop the country. Also government is taking various measures in order to achieve that goal. Thus, here we will discuss about the certain objectives of the Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana. The objectives are as follows:

  • The basic as well as most important objective of the government behind this scheme is to provide development funds to all the targeted 11 districts. Government also wants to improve the infrastructure facilities and consistently want to develop the areas in regarding of the electricity, water and roads.
  • Well there are also some specified projects are also introduced in order to undertake the project of the construction as well as installation of the street lights in the villages. As the aim objective behind this scheme is to provide all the needed basic infrastructure facilities. So in order to accomplish that there are various infrastructure schemes has also taken place. However, the maintenance of this project is said to be borne by the concerned gram panchayat. Apart from the roads development projects water supply in the rural areas is also a main concern of the government.
  • So in order to develop all these infrastructure facilities in the concerned 11 districts various different initiatives has been introduced. So that people of the rural area can leas a healthy life style.

Eligibility criteria for the Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana:

In order to be a part of this scheme this is very essential for a village to firstly clear the eligibility criteria of this scheme. Thus, for this you need to learn about the eligibility criteria. Here we have described the eligibility which you need to be clear to be a part of the scheme. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • First of all if the overall population of the village is below 500 people, as if they are having people less than 500 then they might be provided extended funds of rupees 2 lakhs each.
  • However, in any case if the overall population of the village is above 500 people but less than 1000 people then there are possibilities that they might be given rupees 3 lakhs each.
  • Well if villagers are having a population of more than 1000 people in a village than they might be given rupees 5 lakhs.

Hence, these are the certain eligibility criteria.

Allocation of the Funds for the Gopabandhu Gramin Yojana:

However, under this scheme all the districts who have targeted in this scheme will be provided an additional assistance of the 10 crore rupees. This will be provided to them for the period of the 6 years from the time period of 2006-07 to the 2011-12. This funds allocation is already stated by the government.

So in order t o provide the facilities like roads, electricity as well as water government of Odisha announced this scheme. These are the few basic needs of the people which is compulsorily for the survival of the human being. Thus, government covered the districts where there is absence of these facilities so they can also lead a better lifestyle. Thus, people of the villages must also help the government and participate under this scheme to accomplish the task, which is being implemented for their own benefits.

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