Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Woman Farmers, Application Process for Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Woman Farmers 2019

The state of Odisha is taking several steps in order to bring out development in the field of the agriculture sector. Thus, in order to improve the agriculture conditions in the state first of all governments need to assist the farmers regarding the same because farming is still very much labour intensive in the state. However, by lighting this government of the Odisha is trying to build a gap between farmers as well as technological tools. Thus, due to this government has implemented a scheme which offers free smart phones to the male farmers. However, due to its success the government has boosted the same facility to the female farmers as well. So the authority of the state is all set for the officially roll out free smart phones yojana for the woman.

Name of scheme Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Woman Farmers
Implemented in Odisha
Launched year 2018-2019
Launched by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Officially announced by Surya Narayan Patro (Cooperation Minister)
Supervised by   Odisha Cooperation Department
Implemented by Odisha State Agricultural Marketing Board
Implementation commences on July 2018
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Key Features of Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Woman Farmers:

The key features of this scheme are as follows:

1. Development of woman and agriculture- The primary objective of this scheme is to empower women as well as development in the agricultural sector. Thus, the female agriculture labour will be able to use this technology in order to complete their task in a good manner. Through this the governments of the Odisha can easily double its agricultural production by 2022.

2. Free smart phones- With the help of this project all the females candidates will receive a Smartphone from the state authority. However, this will get distributed among the applicants at free of cost.

3. Implementation process- The state agricultural has decided to implement this scheme in a small scale. Thus, its implementation process will start from July.

4. Estimated beneficiaries- Under this scheme the government is trying to reach near about 70% of the women which are being associated in the field of the agriculture. It will be a good start as well as it is also estimated that it may lead towards the overall development f the state.

5. Getting agriculture related details- Along with the implementation of this scheme the women farmers will be able to access smart phones for the agricultural helpline purposes. Along with this they can also access for the apps, in order to obtain the crop rotation, cultivation, crop protection and harvesting methodologies.

6. Getting weather updates- In order to safe guard their crops from the any kind of the natural calamities it is essential to keep updated from the weather condition. Thus, by using smart phones they will receive the updates regarding the condition of the weather.

7. Getting details about new schemes- The smart phones will also provides news as well as updates related to the agriculture without any delays. Thus, the women’s will also receive the details of the new agricultural credit, which were offered by the state as well as from other banks.

8. Getting soil development into related info- However, along with the crops as well as weather female agricultural labour will also receive the detail information regarding soil. As they will receive the tips on how the fertility of the soil can be increased in order to receive the better production.

9. Increased usage of technology- With the help of this scheme the females labour can also learn about the usage of the technology. This can be done as one step at a time. Through this there can be development in the technology sector as well.

10. Direct access to the agricultural help lines- There is also one more benefit one can receive from this scheme that is through this smart phone females farmers can talk to the agricultural experts. As well as the state government also manages the several agricultural help lines in order to assist the farmers in every possible way.

Eligibility for the Application:

  • However, this time under this scheme only female farmer’s worker is eligible in order to gain the several benefits of the scheme with smart phones.
  • As this scheme is introduced in Odisha then only the legal resident of the Odisha can avail for the benefits of this scheme. If anyone else tries to get registered then they will be barred from the benefits of these projects.
  • Only the women farmers are able to enroll under this scheme. Women farmer who are small as well as marginal practitioners can avail for the benefits of this scheme. This scheme is not for those who own won large farmlands.

Documents required for Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana for Woman Farmers:

  • The scheme is implemented in the state of the Odisha thus, only those women farmer who are resident of Odisha will be able to apply for the benefits of this scheme. They must have legal residential documents.
  • They are also required to submit the identification proofs such as aadhaar card or any other identification proof.
  • As the scheme is only for the women thus those women who are directly engaged in the process of the farming can apply under this scheme. They must have paper which proofs their professional claim.
  • However, if the women are holding the Kisan credit card which is being issued by the government of the Odisha then they must submit its photocopy as well.

How to apply for online portal for the scheme?

1. Under this all the interested women agricultural worker will be enable to enroll their names with the help of the smart phones scheme. However, the portal has not been activated yet. State will provide all the necessary information as soon as possible.

2. The interested applicants can easily access the information online from these sites. Well they are required to fill the application document along with their identification as well as address details. However, apart from this some other data might also be necessary for the future security.

3. Once the form is filled it is essential that it must be submit online. However, after its selection the final beneficiary list will be uploaded on the same portal by the agricultural department.

Budget Allocation for the scheme:

The government of the Odisha wants to reach to the as many as women farmers they can. However, the whopping budget of the rupees 7,600 crore has been allocated in order to ensure that flawless implementation of the project takes place.

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