Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana, How to Apply for Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana 2019?

Board exams are the most important exams for the students. As we all know there are various classes in which board examinations are held in each and every year. However, the most important examinations are the 12th board. As result of this examination tells the future of the many students. Thus, as the result of the board examination announced the government of the Odisha announced a plan for each and every meritorious students. The scheme was announced only for the students of the Odisha. Under this scheme all the meritorious students of the 12th board will receive a tablets or laptops at free of cost from the state government. Well the name of the scheme is Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana. This scheme was launched on 2013. However, it was announced by the chief minister of the Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik. The primary objective of this scheme was to reward the meritorious students of the board examination. It is monitored as well as coordinated by the Odisha higher education department. In order to learn more about the scheme go through the following article.

Features of Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana:

There are various features under this scheme in order to benefit the youth empowerment. Some of its features are as follows:

  • With the help of this scheme the government of the Odisha is willing to provide some assistance to the meritorious candidates in the form of reward. So the government decided to reward them with laptop this will help them to the degree of the higher education in the future ahead. Thus, all the selected candidates will get a chance of winning a laptop for free.
  • Under this scheme it was mentioned that under this draft of scheme 15000 names will get qualified as well as the qualified candidates will get published by the higher education department who can easily avail for the scheme.
  • Under this scheme the selected candidates of the art field will get 5445 tablets as well as laptops. However, for the selected candidate of the science field the number is 6969. There are approx 1196 candidates which are being selected fir the business section.
  • At the 30 nodal centers the government will distribute laptops or tablets. The responsibility of distribution is upon the IT department through which the laptops as well as tablets will get delivered.
  • The last date of receiving laptop is 31st December 2018 by the time of this date one can easily apply for the laptop.
  • After its distribution to the candidates of the first line government will release the supplementary list. The names of the candidates appeared in that list are eligible to get the laptops from their professor toll 31st January.

Eligibility criteria Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana:

  • The development as well as financial burden was borne by the state government of Odisha thus, only the students of the Odisha are considered as eligible to participate under this scheme.
  • Only the students who have included their names in the merit list are eligible to receive the laptops with this scheme.
  • The state government of Odisha has declared that only the students who have scored 70% and above in the 12th board are considered as eligible to gain the benefits of this scheme. However, it was also considered that the age of the student must be around 18 to 25 years.

Documents Required for Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana:

Since the benefit of this scheme is only applicable for the students of the Odisha thus, they need to submit their resident proof.

  • Apart from this it is also necessary for them to submit the copy of the aadhaar card through which the information of all the identification of the applied candidate will get checked.
  • Students are also required to submit the proof of the boarding exam. Thus, all of them are required to submit their mark sheet photocopy along with other essential documents.
  • As this scheme also consist a valid age criteria then all the applicants are required to submit their age proof. They can easily submit their birth certificate as well as admit card for this purpose. However, if the students belong to the ST, SC or OBS caste then they are also required to submit their caste certificate.

How to apply for Odisha Biju Yuva Shashakti Karan Yojana?

Under this scheme none of the student is required to apply. The state higher education department will receive complete information of this from the school. After obtaining the all the required data of the merit list the department of this concerned scheme upload it on the official website of this scheme.

Implementation of the scheme:

The department of the higher education sector of the state of the Odisha has sent notification to 822 degree and 29 autonomous colleges in the state. The committee of the headed district officer has been set up which will usually monitor the distributions of the laptops during the scheduled period. Before giving the laptop to the students the officer will verify the details of the students. After this process laptop will be distributed.

How to check the name of beneficiaries of the scheme?

  • Under http://dheodisha.gov.in/Higher-Education/ government of the Odisha will upload the name of the beneficiaries of the scheme. With the help of this website the students can easily see the names of the beneficiaries weather they have received a change to get a free laptop or not.  
  • After clicking on this a link will appear named free laptop distribution scheme 2018-19 go through this link in order to get the required information.
  • Now you need to go on the merit list of the beneficiaries.
  • After that you will be trigger to the site of the merit list. From where the respected candidate can easily search for the name.
  • However, you can also see the merit list of the students which are being prepared by the education department just by clicking on this link http://dheodisha.gov.in/laptop18-19/htm directly.

Education is always being a key to success. When two or more people were get educated the development of the literacy rate of the state will also increases. This scheme will help the children to further their education as well.

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