Odisha AMA Clinic Yojana, Features of Odisha AMA Clinic Yojana 2019

Nowadays we can see that there are various numbers of diseases are taking place. Thus, due to this health issues concerns are taking place in the mind of the number of people. However, the government of the Odisha is announcing various health related schemes so one can stay away far from the diseases. Thus, the government has introduced various health related services as well as schemes. Here in this article we will discuss about one of the schemes of Odisha named Odisha AMA clinic Yojana. Go through the article to learn more about this scheme.

What is Odisha AMA clinic Yojana?

The scheme was announced by the chief minister of the state Mr. Naveen Patnaik. This was introduced between the mid of 2017 but said that it will be implemented from the January 2018. The main aim behind launching the scheme was to provide the basic health as well as medical facilities to the poor and needy people. Through this poor people of the Odisha living in both rural as well as urban areas can lead a healthy life. It is one of the major health schemes out of the entire health scheme launched in Odisha.

Under this scheme there will be various special doctors as well as specialist will be available in order to treat the special diseases. They are always available to treat the patients for the various different diseases. The AMA Clinic Yojana will help the people to get the additional health facilities in all over the areas of the cities.

The scheme is providing the benefits to the both urban as well as rural people. Thus, through this they can easily maintain the health conditions of themselves as well as of their families. Apart from this they can lead a healthy life. The scheme was officially implemented from the 1st January 2018.

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Features of AMA Clinic Yojana:

This scheme contains some of the most unique features, which offers great benefits to its beneficiaries. Each and every individual must know about its various features as well as schemes. Thus, features are as follows:

  • Under this scheme government is providing special clinic as well as special doctors who will be always available for their patients, and will treat them in order to get free from the diseases. The state government of Odisha opened this clinic in order to help the needy people. So they can get free from the disease. Thus, the people who come under the economic poor section are eligible for this scheme.
  • The specialist will always be available there for their patients. The specialist will be different fields such as, physiologist, eye care, psychiatrists, pediatrician, gynecologist, obstetrics and geriatrics. Thus, these all specialist will be available there for the patient.
  • If there is any kind of emergency to the patient then he can easily book the appointment on the day itself. However, regardless of any emergency appointment must be taken before. It is essential for the beneficiaries to learn about the rules first.
  • Due to lack of the proper medical as well as health facilities there was a huge drop in the life ratio of the people. Thus, in order to maintain that ratio state government is helping the people with all the basic facilities. So they can easily achieve their primary objective of lowering of the deaths.
  • The working process under the scheme is good so the specialist may reach to its patient on time. As well as the chances of occurring delay are reduced.
  • Under this scheme people will not lose their life because of the low standards.
  • However, due to the implementation of this scheme the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate will reduce automatically. It is the most important objective of the scheme to reduce the infant as well as maternal mortality rate.
  • The scheme is benefitting around 45 lakhs people in the urban areas. Thus, people who are under the below poverty line will receive certain benefits under the scheme. These are the main people who will receive the certain under the schemes.

Thus, these are the certain key features regarding the schemes. The respected beneficiaries are required to learn about these features. So they can easily take benefits of this scheme. Without learning the features one may not be able to take full advantage of the implemented scheme.

Budget Allocation of the AMA Clinic Yojana:

There is also some budget management by the government under the scheme. The budget is prepared after monitoring the entire factor needed in the project.

In order to maintain the health related issues of the people, government of the Odisha has announced this scheme. It was launched so the poor and needy people who are suffering from the various health’s related issues can get free from that. The government has decided to spend near about 600 crores rupees under this project. Hence, they will spent this amount in the coming next five years.

However, along with the AMA Clinic Yojana the government also introduced some other schemes as well. However, the other schemes include Anmol Yojana and Nidan scheme and sahaya scheme. Government announced all these schemes for the betterment of the poor and needy people of the Odisha. Thus, in order to provide the people a healthy and a better life the government of the Odisha is announcing the bunch of various schemes. These schemes are going too implemented in the state soon. So people may receive all the benefits and they can lead a good healthy life.

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