nirogi rajasthan scheme

In this year, a scheme has launched by the State Government of India. This scheme facilitates the people to make aware about their physical health and also provide free medical facilities and medicines. On 17 December 2019, this scheme is launched by the Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot. This scheme aimed at to make India a disease free country. With the help of this scheme the people can take the necessary steps for their health.

Scheme NameNirogi Rajasthan Scheme
Launched byCheif Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot
Launched on17 December 2019
BeneficiariesCitizens of state
Aimed atProvide medical treatment and free medicines
Customer care numberUpdated soon
Official WebsiteUpdated soon

In this world of increasing of pollution so many types of diseases are increasing. There are many communicable and non- communicable diseases about which people don’t know and this was the objective of this scheme for proper care of old age persons, young people, teenagers and children to provide vaccination, free medical check ups, tests and free medicines

Under the campaign of Nirogi Rajasthan this scheme is launched. The citizens were provided health assistence under this scheme. In medical colleges there is free medical treatment is provided. Free health services and free health programs were provided to the old age persons. It is program started for the health care and awareness.

There is different websites made for this scheme on which you can find the plans or ideas for the health and also finds health care number.To provide this opportunity to the people easily Government started some websites and customer care number on which people get knowledge and solutions of their diseases about the expert doctors.

From this scheme many other types of programs and schemes were started. It is a plan started by the Government for health care system. Health education programmes will started at schools and local places. With the help of this scheme the poor people got a great relief from the of high rates of medical tests and expensive treatment which they can’t affored. They don’t have enough money to take treatment for disease for solving these types of problems the Government has launched this scheme from which they can take treatment from expert doctors, get free medicines and free tests to becomes disease free.