Navinya purna yojana

Animals plays a great role in humans life. They helps the humans in many ways whether in the case of giving food or in the case of protecting the human as safe guard.

Animals like cows, hen, goat etc gives food to the humans like milk and chicken, Animals like dogs are kept in the houses for the safety of the house. Animals like horses and donkeys are used for transportation. They are the companions of the humans. But now they are dieing because of some diseases because of pollution and many other reasons and some are killed by the people for the greediness.

They are the part of the nature and its our responsibility to save our nature. We are responsible for harming the nature. The Government take many steps to save the animals.

A scheme is launched for saving the animals by the Government of Maharashtra. This scheme is established to save the animals who are dying due to diseases and for those who are targeting for the greed. It is implemented by the District Animal Husbandry Officer, District Council.

Under all the general and tribal deployments this is implemented. This is established for many reasons like to control and protect animals from salivary diseases, to purchase vaccines under subsidies, to purchase essential materials for vaccination.

This scheme is implemented by the Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Latur.

In this there is a provision to provide food for the hemp breeds of Latur district, to supply life saving medicines to veterinary institutions, the purchase of liquids, the purchase of machinery and equipment and the protection of indigenous cattle.

Under this scheme there is a plan of setting up and strengthening 4 intensive poultry development groups in the state. The main aim of this scheme is the protection and conservation of animals. The scheme is implemented under all general schemes.

It is a great step which has taken by the Government to save the animals. If you are have any queries and want to know more information about any scheme you should visit our site.