Maharashtra Bandhkam Kamgar Yojana Form

Maharashtra Bandhkam Kamgar Yojana

Every citizen of the country deserves best facilities whether rich or poor. It is the right of every individual in the country to have the rights they deserve as a citizen of the country. The labours who works on small wages to earn their livelihood. It is important to give some benefits to live a happy life.

The Government launched many schemes to provide facilities to the labours which helps them to live a happy life and earn livelihood.

The Government of Maharashtra has launched a scheme which is Maharashtra Bandhkam Kamgar Yojana. In this scheme, the labours are able to get the facility of the education, health, social security and financial benefits for a better life. In this scheme, all the workers have to register their information at labour department for get the benefit of this scheme.

A Maharashtra Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board was formed on May 7. This Board for Labours provide many facilities to them whether related education, food, health or any other facilities. A decision was taken by the Labour Department to take step for the special registration campaign which is launched by Marat or any other construction workers.

For the registration all the workers in the district will have to come out in the Labour Department. In the rural and the urban areas the registration officer has been arranged by the Industries, Energy and Labour Department to register. The responsibility of registration work is on the shoulder of the Village Department Officer of the Panchayat Samiti for the rural areas, Ward Officer is for the municipal corporation, the Chief Officer is for the municipal area, for the industrial areas there is labour welfare board and labour department.

According to this scheme, all the contractors or subcontractors for the work of public welfare, water supply and conservation have to register.

This is a great step which is taken by the Government for the welfare of the labours. It also helps in the increasing of economy and development of the country.

Eligibility: –

Under this scheme eligibility of beneficiaries is given in below list. Following information are here-

  • Workers are doing work of constructions.
  • Workers more than doing at least 90 days works with in 12 months.
  • All age proofs.are correct

Required Documents:-

Following documents are required under this scheme. Here is given a list of documents-

  • Passport size photo
  • Bank account pass book
  • Address proof
  • I’d proof
  • Domicile documents
  • Working certificates
  • Residential Certificate
  • Birth certificate


Under this scheme beneficiary get many benefits which they deserved as a citizen of this country.

  • It is good for construction workers and labors.
  • They are get money and work and education to their child.
  • It is best plan for provide them helps.
  • By this they are purchase tools for work.
  • They are able to get health services easily.

This is the information about this scheme which given above. If you want to get any other information about any other schemes launched by the Government is available on our site.