Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana 2019, How to Apply Under Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana 2019

Our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announces this scheme as to provide the benefits to the old age people. However, the shopkeepers of the Kirana stores will get benefited through this scheme. Thus, all the shopkeepers are requested to be registered under the GST as well as to show up to the torn of the 1.5 torn annually.

The scheme was introduced for the shopkeepers so they may not get into any kind of trouble as well as in the financial issues in the future ahead when they get old. In order to secure their future our Prime Minister announces this scheme. This scheme will surely benefit large number of the public. This will help them to lead a proper life in their old age time. In this article we will learn more about this scheme, its main objectives, its benefits; we will mention each detail here. So go through the entire article and learn more.

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Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana 2019:

In order to benefit the shopkeeper there is pension plan which is being provided to them, so they may not have any financial issue in their old age. Hence, if you are running a grocery store, as well as your shop is registered and you contain the annual record of your work.

Then in this case you can easily avail the benefits of this scheme. Under this scheme the shopkeeper will get the pension when he will complete 60 years of his age.  Thus, all the candidates, shopkeepers who are interested under this scheme can easily continue under this scheme through its official website.

Our government announces many schemes in order to benefit its people. Hence, to provide a financial security to the shopkeepers when they will cross their 60 years this pension plan will help them in the financial terms. Thus, each and every shopkeeper must take part under this scheme as the scheme is introduced to benefit the retailers.

PM Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana 2019:

Name of the scheme Kirana shopkeeper pension Yojana 2019
Scheme announced by Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi
Sectors related to the available scheme Available soon
Scheme implemented on 1st June 2019
Scheme beneficiaries All the small shopkeepers of the grocery stores who have registered their shops under the GST.
Online application Through CSC centre
Number of beneficiaries This scheme can benefit near about 3 crore people.

Objectives of the Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana 2019:

There are various objectives are there under this scheme. This scheme can benefit the shopkeepers in several ways. Hence, in order to learn about the benefits of this pension Yojana, read out the details mentioned below. However, objectives of this Yojana are as follows:

  • In order to provide the social security to the grocery shopkeeper’s this scheme was approved in the first central cabinet meeting only. So the shopkeepers can avail various benefits through this scheme.
  • Under this scheme whoever shopkeeper will participate will get the benefits of this scheme when he will complete his 60 years of life span. Then he will receive a pension of rupees 3000 every month.
  • If the annual turnover of any shopkeeper is less than 5 crore than he can easily avail the advantages of this scheme.
  • In order to be part of this scheme it is essential for the respected candidate to take part between the age limit of the 10 to 40 years. This is essential to them to take part under this scheme in this age limit else they may not be able to participate under the scheme.
  • Registration related work can be easily accomplished in the common service center.
  • In 3 years more than 5 crore small retailers will get registered under this scheme.
  • Shopkeepers as well as retailers can take advantage of this scheme in many ways. The pension will get credited in the account of the shop holder. But for this they are also required to follow the various terms and conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for the PM Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana:

Under this scheme there are various eligibility criteria as well as terms and conditions are there. Thus, in order to take part under this scheme you are required to learn about its eligibility criteria. The criteria of the scheme are as follows:

  • Under this pension yojana scheme if the shopkeeper is have a turnover less than 5 crore than he is eligible for this scheme. It is mandatory that here shop must be registered under the GST so he can take advantages of the schemes.
  • In order to be eligible for this scheme it is essential for the candidate to take part under this scheme at the age limit of between 18 to 40 years. Before and after this age limit they are not applicable foe this scheme.
  • Only the shopkeeper as well as retailer whose shop is registered as well as spread under the common service center can easily avail benefits of this scheme.
  • In order to be eligible under this scheme it is essential for the shop holders to deposit a minimum premium amount. However, the government will also deposit the same premium in the merchants account. Thus, after the break of the 60 years this amount will provided to the trader in the form of the pension.

Hence, these are the few eligibility criteria under which the shopkeeper is required to go through. If he is eligible then the trader can easily participate under the benefits as well as can avail its advantages.

Kirana Shopkeeper Pension Yojana Application Form 2019:

In order to gain the benefits under this scheme you are required to apply under this scheme first. Follow these steps in order to apply under this scheme. The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly in order to gain benefits of this scheme you are required to check whether you are eligible for this scheme or not.
  • If you complete its eligibility criteria then it is essential for you to be registered under this scheme.  The registration will be completed on the basis of your GST turnover.
  • You can easily get registered by visiting through and CSC center. You need to take various essential documents along with you while visiting to the CSC center after that you are required to get logged in.
  • After the registration process is accomplished you will be provided a registration number. Then under a week you will receive a registration code, with the help of this you can deposit the minimum premium.
  • The amount you will debit from your account and the same amount you will be provided by the government.
  • The process will continue after you have completed your 60 years, after this your pension process will get start.

This is the procedure to apply under this scheme.

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