Khelo India Youth Games 2020 Registration Last Date

During the last few decades India has shown a great progress in the field of sports. Sports and fitness these two are different terms but are dependent on each other. While we are participating in nay sports, when we are playing this we are also keeping our body fit and healthy. However, sports not only help us to remain fit but it also enhances our abilities such as through sports we can learn about the meaning of term leadership.

When we lead a team we understand its strength or weakness and guide them to overcome any obstacles. Thus, through sports we can improve our various skills. Apart from this it also increases our decision making power, improves our skills, enhances our leadership qualities and many more. In India we can see many people many youth generations to take part in sports.

What is Khelo India Youth Games?

As we all know that during the last few years the ratio of the sports graph has risen up. Young generation is attraction towards various different sports and they are participating in different fields as well. It has impact a great inspiration on our youth.

Hence, by noticing this factor the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has introduced a scheme known as khelo India youth games. This scheme was launched on August 31st 2018. Under the scheme the program is occasionally held in January and February ever year. 1000 of students try to participate under this Yojana. From many of them the best one is chosen. Well these games are categories under the two categories. 

The games are held between under 17 and under 21. The best student is provided the scholarship of 5, 00,000/- per students. It is provided in order to prepare them for the future events as well. Thus, they can perform their best in the fields of sports.

Thus, candidates must give their best in order to be the part of this scheme. However, the Yojana is also divided into the 12 verticals as well. These are named as follows:

  1. Play field development.
  2. Community coaching development.
  3. State level khelo India centre.
  4. Annual sports competition.
  5. Talent search and development.
  6. Utilization and creation infrastructure.
  7. National as well as regional academics support.
  8. Physical fitness centers for the school children.
  9. Sports facilities for the women.
  10. Promotion of the sports among the people.
  11. Sports are also held for the peace and development.
  12. To promote the rural as well as indigenous /tribal areas.

Eligibility for Khelo India Youth Games:

Under the scheme there are also some terms and conditions which you are required to follow. These are the some mandatory conditions you need to learn about so you can check the eligibility criteria. The criteria are as follows:

  • If a player want to be a part under this scheme then it is mandatory for the player to be a citizen of the India. By this only he/she can participate under the scheme.
  • It is mandatory for the player to be at least 8 years old in order to participate under the scheme.
  • A player is eligible for only once to apply under the scheme. After this he/she is not eligible to apply again.

This is the eligibility criteria for the players to take part under the scheme. The candidates who are not eligible under these criteria are not applicable to take part under the scheme.

Benefits of Khelo India Youth Games:

To be part of this scheme you must also learn about the certain benefits under the scheme. In order to learn about the scheme go through the article. The benefits are as follows:

  • The training will be provided to the only talented students who will present their great skills. However, this training will be provided by the government itself.
  • There are many talented players who are unable to perform due to lack of funds. Thus, some of them sacrifice their dreams due to this reason. But under this scheme they will be provided the assistance. So that they can achieve their respected goals.
  • The main objective of introducing this scheme among the students is to give them chance and to encourage them as well as their talent. So they may not lack behind due to lacks or funds or education.
  • Under the scheme ever year scholarship will be provided to the every 1000 students. By this they can easily move forward towards their dreams and education.
  • However, apart from these benefits under this scheme 20 universities will also be promoted. Because these universities are the top in sports and are the centre of excellence.

Sports included in the Khelo India Youth Games:

There are so many sport s are played in the India. But under this scheme government have selected few sports. The respected candidate will be provided assistance regarding these sports. The list of sports played in the khelo India youth games are as follows:

  1. Badminton,
  2. Basketball,
  3. Boxing,
  4. Gymnastics,
  5. Judo,
  6. Kabaddi,
  7. Volleyball,
  8. Wresting,
  9. Athletics,
  10. Football,
  11. Kho-kho,
  12. Weightlifting,
  13. Hockey,
  14. Swimming,
  15. Shooting, etc.

Through this scheme many students have played the games on the basis of their skills and sports fields. As well as they have achieve huge goals through this. This is best scheme introduced by the government for the beneficial of the students. Thus, in order to achieve your goal you can also more forwards towards this scheme.

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