KALIA Scheme 2019, Registration for KALIA Scheme 2019

The government of Odisha is executing many plans for the successful implement of the introduced schemes so the poor as well as needy people can take advantage of these schemes. Farmers are considered as the backbone of the country. They feed the nation by their hard work still they are the one who lacks basic financial prosperity.

Thus, in order to change the financial condition of the farmers as well as to provide them some financial security the government of the state is planning to announce KALIA scheme. However, the objective of this scheme is to provide some financial as well as mental relief to the farmers who have taken loans from the banks. Through this scheme government also aims to develop the overall agricultural department. Thus, government aims to improve many sectors with the help of this scheme.

Brief summary of the scheme:

Name of the scheme KALIA yojana
Full form Krushak Assistance for Livelihood & Income Augmentation Scheme
Scheme launched by Mr. Naveen Patnaik
Scheme launched in Odisha
Scheme announced on December 2018
Scheme implemented on 2019-2020
Target beneficiaries Poor as well as needy farmers of the state.
Scheme supervised by Department of Agriculture as well as farmers empowerment
Scheme review on 2021
Amount provided as financial assistance Rupees 10,000/- per year
Helpline number 1800-572-1122
Official website of scheme Kalia.co.in
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What are the Key Features of the KALIA Yojana?

1. Improving the Agro Industry- In the change the financial condition of the people of the Odisha, this scheme is introduced. This is the main objective of the government behind announcing this scheme. Surely this scheme will prove helpful in order to change as well as develop the agricultural condition of the state. As well as develop the livelihood of the farmers.

2. Financial help to farmers- The candidates who are eligible for this scheme will receive 10,000 from the authority of the Odisha. This will be provided them in two installments. One will be given in Rabi season and the other one in Kharif.

3. Duration of assistance- However, after this authority is being implemented the state will provide this financial assistance for the time period of the three years.

4. DBT facility- In order to get the financial benefits, it is essential for the applicants to have linked bank account so their amount will get directly credited. However, this money will be transferred with the help of the direct benefit transfer method.

5. Number of recipients- The government is targeting near about 30 lakhs farmers in order to benefit them with the help of this scheme. Therefore, through this scheme they can easily cover the agricultural practices as well as helps the farmers.

6. Additional help to secure living- The government implemented this scheme because they are concern about the livelihood of the farmers, thus, in order to provide them a secure lifestyle the scheme is introduced. In this interested applicants will receive 12,500 provided by the state authority.

7. Help for poor farmers- The poor as well as disable farmers will receive the financial assistance from the authority of the state. Through this scheme 10 lakhs beneficiaries are getting benefit. This scheme is helping poor as well as handicap people.

8. Total budget of the scheme- The government of the Odisha has sanction the amount of rupees 10,000 crore for the effective implementation of this scheme. There is also a sub scheme is present which is only for the poor as well as handicap farmers. Under this rupees 1000 crore is being sanction in order to help them.

9. Life insurance policy- Other than the crop insurance the government of the Odisha is also providing assurance to the farmers for their life. This is planned for the farmers as well as for their families. In the case of natural or accidental death the family of the farmer will be provided rupees 2 lakhs. Thus, this scheme will cover the life of the 57 farmers.

10. Interest free credit of the scheme- With the help of this scheme the poor as well as needy farmers will receive interest free credit. They can easily use this amount for the agricultural purposes. This facility is available for credit amount relating to rupees 50,000.

Eligibility and Documents Required for Online Application for KALIA Scheme:

1. Resident of the state- To get certain benefits of this state it is important for the applicant to be a resident of that state. Government has announced this scheme to benefits the farmers of the Odisha, thus it is essential for you to be a resident of this particular state in order to gain its benefits. You are required to submit your resident certificate this will prove whether you are a resident of Odisha or not.

2. Occupational proof- This scheme is introduced for the farmers. Thus only a person who is farmer by profession can easily participate under this scheme as well as can avail its benefits. Thu, in order to apply under this scheme you need to submit your professional certificate.

3. Economic background- In the period of the registration under this scheme your economic background will also get checked. The farmers who come under the category of the small as well as poor marginal groups can easily avail the benefits of this scheme.

4. Personal proof- You are also required to submit your identity proof while enrolling under this scheme. You need to submit the documents like voter card, ration card, aadhaar card in the process of registration. You need to submit the photocopies of this scheme as well as the application form.

5. Bank details- The funds which will get allocated to the farmers this will get transferred to them into their bank accounts with DBT mode. Thus, farmers are required to submit their bank details.

6. Age proof- You will be considered eligible for this scheme in the age limit of 18-60 years. Thus, candidates need to submit age proof for this.

7. Disability proof- There can be many farmers as well who are disable to work due to their condition so there are several benefits are there for them. For this farmers need to submit their disability proof.

8. Farming loan details- Farmers will receive farming loan on the basis of their regulation. They don’t need to pay any kind of interest on that amount. They will receive certain benefits on that scheme.

Important Dates Related to KALIA Scheme:

First phase date Last date is 15th Jan
Second phase date Start date is 25th Jan; Last date is 5th Feb.
Starting date of first installment 26th Jan
Starting date of first installment beneficiaries 31st Jan

Registration Process and Application Form of KALIA:

  • First of all interested candidates need to visit the official website of the scheme. For this there are various portals which contain several tabs under menu section.
  • In that portal candidates need to click on form option. Now there will a drop down list will appear you need to select on either red form or green form. After click on right option applicants will get application form online.
  • However, you will get documents in PDF form you need to download them. After downloading form, fill all the required details and submit the form.

How to Check Green List Beneficiaries name in KALIA Yojana?

  • First you are required to visit on kalia.co.in.
  • Now you are required to click on the beneficiary list option to generate application process. After clicking the beneficiary list related to the second phase will be generated.
  • Now applicants are required to click on drop down option and select the district name as well as block name. Now click on view option in order to generate a search.
  • By this you can easily access created list which is generated by Gram Panchayat.
  • The name of the applicant is contained in that list. You can easily download it in PDF form; you just need to click on download option.
  • After downloading you need to type given captcha.

Through this you can easily generate the list.

Application Form for Objection under KALIA Scheme:

If the interested application is having any kind of objection then he can submit that by following these given steps. So that government can serve them in a right way.

  • First of all candidates are required to log in to official website so authority can learn about complains.
  • From the homepage they need to click on online apply for objection.
  • In that form candidates need to enter KALIA and click on show option. Then fill details by highlighting complains.
  • After completing you need to click on submit.

Application Form for Inclusion Green Form under KALIA Yojana:

There are various people who ask to government to re launch the project. However, there are also various eligible candidates as well who have not participated under the scheme. By following these steps they can easily get registered.

  • The eligible candidate can easily fill form the official website.
  • To get the form click on the online apply for inclusion. Then there will a green form appear.
  • Click on the aadhaar card and select show option. The documents will appear.
  • Eligible candidate is required to fill the form and click on submit.

Thus, this scheme is improving the condition of the marginal as well as small farmers. Government is also taking various steps to make this project famous and beneficial for the farmers. So each farmer may receive advantage of this scheme. This will be also helpful in the GDP growth of the state.

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