ATAL Vardi Yolanda 2020, ATAL Vardi Scheme 2020

The Students are future the backbone of the our country. They are the future generation of the whole world. They plays a important role for the development of the country, city, state or whole world.

To make the future better of the country firstly it is important to make the future better of the students. And for this betterment the children have to go the schools which is sometimes not possible due to lack of money. But now Government schools are opened for the poor children for providing free education. After this there is a one more problem of school dress and may other expenses.

For this problem, the Indian Government started a new scheme which is ATAL Vardi Scheme. It was implemented by the Himachal Pradesh Government. In this scheme, free school uniforms are provided to the students of class 1st to 12th class students studying in the Government schools. It is started because they can’t affored these expenses.

Each student will be provided two school uniforms. Te students of class 3rd, 6th and 9th will provided bags along with school uniforms. From this scheme the students are able to go the school.

All those students who want to take the benefit of this scheme they will have to open a bank account. The money which they get from the Government for sewing uniforms will be directly transferred to their bank accounts. For this process they will have to have a bank account.

The main objective of this yojna to make sure that the students from the poor families has school uniforms. This scheme encourages the students to go to school.

Atal Vardi Yojna benefits

  • Free school uniform(for class 1st to 12th)
  • Free school bag(for class 3rd, 6th and 9th)

Atal Vardi Yojna Eligibility

  • Applicable residents for Himachal.
  • Applicable to students studying in government schools
  • Applicable to all students of class 1st till 12th class

Atal Vardi Yojna Objective

  • Encourage the students to go to school.
  • Provide money to poor families for school uniforms

Now the government will put the amount in the accounts: Devendra

Devendra Kumar, Principal of Diet Dehlan said that students will have to open bank accounts to take full advantage of Atal Uniform Scheme. Otherwise, this amount will not reach students without accounts