Atal bhujal yojana

As we all know water is the basic source of our life. Our life without water can’t be imagine. But now a day, the water is become polluted and the level of ground water is become decreasing day by day. People throw waste materials and garbage in the rivers and ponds from which the rivers are become more polluted day by day. So, it is necessary to save the water for our life and for our future generation. The topic of today is also about for solving this problem.

This Atal bhujal yojana aimed at to save the ground water due to the decreasing of the ground water. Its purpose to use, save and conserve the ground water. The ground water is depleting fastly to solve this problem Government has decided to introduced the Atal bhujal yojana. This yojana lay emphasis on the increase the ground water level and for a better exploitation of the ground water with the permission of the local people and to involve the local people.

In the lok sabha, the Union Minister of water resources, river development and ganga rejuvenation has announced that the World Bank has approved Rs. 6000 crores for this scheme. According to 6584 blocks in the country of the Central Government of Ground water that the 1034 blocks are exploited. It includes 64 blocks of Haryana, 105 blocks of Punjab, 164 blocks of Rajasthan, 156 blocks of Karnataka, and 358 blocks of Tamil Nadu. The half of the cost for this scheme is approved by the Government and the remaining by the World Bank of association which means in the ration of 50:50.

This scheme is initiated for the states which faces the scarcity of water and the states are Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pardesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Under this scheme 78 districts, 193 blocks, 8350 Gram Panchayats are included of these states. These states represents 25% of highly exploitation of the ground water where the water is highly exploited, high and low block risks, critical and semi critical blocks.

The implementation of the this scheme is depends on the Union Minister of the water resources, river development and ganga rejuvenation. This scheme is implemented over the period of five years from 2018-19 to 2022-23. It is a great step taken by the government which helps to reserve and save the decreasing level of ground water because it is necessary to save the ground water which is the basic of every human being to live.