Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme, Application for Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2019

Government has introduced various schemes in order to provide benefit to the farmers. However, government has announced one more scheme related to the farmers and this is known as Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme. It is one of the best schemes which provide insurance facilities to the farmers. Under this scheme farmers will receive rupees 8000/- per acre. Well to learn more about this scheme you are required to go through the entire article. By this you can easily understand properly about this scheme.

What is Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme?

The government of the Andhra Pradesh has announced a scheme known as Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme in order to benefit the large number of the farmers of the state. However, with the help of this scheme farmers will be provided an investment assistance of rupees 8000/- on the basis of per acre of their land. This amount will be given to them in two installments. Well while campaigning on KCR it promised to pay the farmers 10,000 per acre from the next financial year.

The Rythu Bandhu is a insurance scheme, under this scheme families of the deceased ryots will be provided rupees 5 lakhs. However, Naidu told the leaders of the Andhra Pradesh that the government of the state is working to announce a pension plan for the state farmers. So they may have a secure as well as a better lifestyle ahead. As this is an investment support to help farmers in the process of the agriculture as well as to have a better lifestyle ahead. However, this project gets its cabinet approval on 21st January 2019, and this will be implemented from the next kharif season. Let’s go through the objectives as well as key features of the scheme.

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Objectives of Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

There are various objectives are there in this scheme. Through which government wants to achieve its goals as well as benefit the farmers. The objectives are as follows:

  • The main aim of government behind this project is to provide financial security to the farmers.
  • Apart from this the scheme will also help the farmers as well as assist them during the sowing season.
  • With the help of this scheme government wants farmers not to take agricultural loans. So they may not suffer due to the burden of the loans. Through this government can also prevent farmers from committing suicides.

Thus, these are the certain objectives of the government which he wants to achieve through this scheme.

Features of Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

There are also different features are there of this scheme. Go through these steps to learn more about this. The features are as follows:

  • Under this scheme government is offering rupees 10,000 to all the eligible beneficiaries. Well this scheme ensures that there will be development of the poor and needy farmers of the state as well as there will be overall development of the state also. Thus, all the beneficiaries farmers will receive the amount of rupees 10,000 each year.
  • All the funds which are provided by the government of the Andhra Pradesh must be used for the purchasing of the agricultural supplies.  Apart from this farmers can also use the funds in the purchasing of the high quality of seeds, fertilizers as well as bug repellents, in order to develop a better yield.
  • The funds will be allocated to the farmers into the two installments. One will be provided to them during the sowing of the Rabi crop and other will be provided to them during the preparation of the farm for the Kharif crop. Thus, in this way funds will be allocated to the farmers.  
  • The total amount received by the farmers is depend on the per acre land of the farmer. As for the every acre of the land government deposits rupees 10,000 each year. The amount will be transferred in the bank of the beneficiaries. Thus, for that they must contain a bank account as the government grants payment through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
  • Well this scheme will also helps in the increasing of the crop production as well as decrease the migration of the citizen from the state. This scheme will help in development of the agricultural employment in the state this will automatically laid to the rise in the economy.
  • This project will helps the government in proper monitoring as well as distribution of the benefits. However, the government of the Andhra Pradesh implements this scheme on the pilot basis. Once this scheme became successful the state will also includes the tenant workers as well.

Eligibility for the Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

In order to apply under this scheme you are required to get eligible first. The eligibility criteria of this scheme are as follows:

  • The interested applicant must be the citizen of the Andhra Pradesh as this scheme is only applicable in the Andhra Pradesh. So they are required to be the resident of the state.
  • The scheme is only applicable for the small, marginal as well as tenant farmers.
  • In order to register under this scheme applicants need to associate with the farming process on a full time basis, so they will receive financial help from the government.

Documents required for Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme:

These are the following documents which you are required to take in order to apply under this scheme.

  • Address proof,
  • Income certificate,
  • Voter ID,
  • Ration card,
  • Aadhaar card, and
  • Bank details such as account number, branch code, bank name, IFSC code.

How to Apply Under Andhra Pradesh Rythu Bandhu Scheme?

The eligible candidates can easily apply under this scheme with these steps. Given below is the detail information regarding applying under this scheme. The steps are as follows:

  • First of all you are required to visit to the official website of the scheme. After visit the respected applicant is required to click on application form link.
  • Now applicant is required to fill all the necessary details such as name of applicant, residential address, bank account details, date of birth and the contact details.
  • After this the beneficiary need to upload the essential documents such as passport size photos, signature etc.
  • After filling all the necessary documents click on the submit button and submit the form.

Hence, through this scheme farmers can get the huge benefit as it provides financial assistance to the farmers. The government provides rupees 10,000 per year so farmers can purchase things for the agricultural. In order to participate they need to register under this scheme first. So they can easily take its benefits and make their life secure through this method.   

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