Andhra Pradesh Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme

Government of Andhra Pradesh has started a new scheme to promote and improve education system in schools. The scheme is named Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme. This is a new initiative towards education of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In which all the government schools of the state are targeted.

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme has been launched by Andhra Pradesh Government on the auspicious occasion of Children’s Day. This scheme Chief Minister YS Jagana Mohan Reddy has launched. This is related to development in the fields of education and to teach all the students who study in government schools about technology.

Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme
Name Of SchemeMana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme
Launched ByChief Minister YS Jagana Mohan Reddy
Launched In Andhra Pradesh
Launching Date14 November 2019
Month of AnnouncingOctober
Aim of SchemeDevelop Education System With Technology Facilities
Supervised ByAndhra Pradesh state Government
Target BeneficiariesGovernment Schools

Key Features of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme

Development of State Government Schools-
To develop government schools so that children get good education. A better school is essential for a better education system. Therefore, this objective has been included under the plan. With the development of schools, the sense of reading also develops.

Development Numbers of Schools-
About 15,000 schools of the state have been targeted in the Development Number of Schools. Along with making these schools better, all the facilities in them will also be developed which are necessary in the school.
Facilities that are necessary such as making different tiles for girls and boys, making furniture for reading, making labs (bio, physics, chemistry) so that students can do practicals, Renovation of the school, making Library, installing technology systems. By this all students get better facility for education and increase level of knowledge.

Total Budget in Scheme-
A budget of 6000 crores has been given for education under the scheme. All important works will be fulfilled by this, which are also linked to better education sector program. A target has been set to do this work for the next three years.

How to Get Benefit Of Scheme

To take the benefit of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Scheme and for the development of a government school, the first application has to be processed by the Headmaster of that school. After that the registration process has to be completed. Further process is then completed by the State Government.

Under this scheme government completed construction work by engineers. Provide all necessary facilities in schools for teachers and students. It helps in study. They are get easily education with full knowledge. It helps in connected with technology and after understand this students increase technology system in world and achieve better opportunities in world.

Compulsory Documents for Application

Address proof of the institute (Headmasters need to it for get the benefit of scheme).
Certificate from the state education department.